Guido sees Amparo hurting Annaliza

Arlene looks on while Annaliza is drowning in the pool. Laz arrives and saves Annaliza. Arlene apologizes and makes it look like she tried saving Annaliza.

In school, Arlene gets PJ to rehearse with her and asks him to go to her house so they can practice.

Meanwhile, Guido learns on TV how Makoy tried to kidnap somebody from the Benedicto residence. Stella and Guido fear for the children and so Guido goes to the new address.

Arlene orders Annaliza, as her personal assistant, to carry a heavy box and won’t allow Annaliza to put it down. Annaliza accidentally drops the box on Arlene’s foot. Amparo sees this and hurts Annaliza.

PJ and his classmates talk the guard into letting Guido inside and he is just in time to see Amparo push Annaliza to the floor. Guido and Amparo fight and Amparo clutches her heart and loses consciousness. Is Amparo faking it or did she really suffer a heart attack?

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