Guido recognizes the voice of Makoy’s ally

Annaliza and Isabel wait for Laz, but he didn’t arrive until morning. Arlene lets out that she brought Laz breakfast in bed and this further worries Isabel. When Isabel asks Laz about it, he raises his voice in answer to Isabel.

Laz remembers waking up in Stella’s bed without any clothes on and it is bothering him. He also remembers how Stella told him that Isabel will not know anything about what happened. Amparo also approaches him and tells him the same thing.

Meanwhile, Makoy purchases the house next door to Stella’s. His right hand man also visits Ira in jail and Ira tells him that he will tell on Makoy if he doesn’t get out of jail soon.

Guido remembers the wallet that Makoy dropped. He dials the number he found in it and Amparo answers. What will be Guido’s next move?

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