Guido leaves Stella

Guido tells Annaliza about his separation from Stella. Annaliza cries but she finally accepts it. Guido is going to live with Milet and Gusting and Annaliza asks Aling Milet to take care of Guido.

Later, Guido gets his stuff from his house and Cathy and Lui see him leaving. They beg Guido not to leave them. Guido also explains to the two why he has to leave. He also tells Lui that Stella hurt Annaliza while he was working abroad.

Laz and Isabel also talk about Guido and Stella’s separation, with Laz telling Isabel that he will not allow the same thing to happen to his family. At the same time, Annaliza prays for her family, especially for Guido.

Stella, meanwhile, borrows money from Pam. Now that Guido is gone she’s struggling to make ends meet. Amparo gets wind of Stella and Guido’s separation and she goes to Stella to offer financial support so they could continue with their plans. Will Stella accept Amparo’s help?

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