Guido has information on Makoy

Makoy and Guido tussle with each other, but a man riding a motorcycle helps Makoy escape. Makoy’s wallet drops from his pocket and Guido gets it. In the wallet, he sees a slip of paper containing important information.

Meanwhile, Amparo asks Stella to come to Laz’s house to seduce Laz who is alone and drinking. Stella joins Laz and aside from massaging Laz’s shoulder, she also records some of their sweet talk.

In school, Arlene is happy that Annaliza refused her teacher’s offer to be the understudy for Arlene’s role in the play.

While with the girls, Isabel receives a call from Guido telling her that he has information about Makoy. Isabel tells him to meet her at their house, where they can talk to Laz.

Guido and Isabel meet outside the house. They go in to see Laz and Stella laughing together and sitting close to each other. How will Isabel and Guido react? Keep watching Annaliza at 5:50PM on ABS-CBN.