Guido finds out Laz is Arlene’s father

Stella lies to Guido and meets up with Laz. Laz gets her to accept support for Arlene. Amparo also takes Arlene out on a shopping spree.

Meanwhile, Makoy is being wheeled out of the hospital and into prison. Isabel promises to protect Makoy.

Lui cries her heart out to Guido, but she cannot tell him the reason for her heartache. 

In school, Annaliza leads her schoolmates in a cleaning activity. PJ, Ting, and Glen compete for her attention, which leads to Annaliza getting into an accident. 

Guido mulls over Stella’s strange behavior and gets her to admit her relationship with Laz and his family. Finally, Stella blurts out the truth that Laz is Arlene’s father.

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