Guido discovers he is not listed as Stella’s husband

Guido goes to the mansion and learns that the Benedicto family is no longer living there because something of an incident that happened the night before. He tries to contact Laz, but can’t get hold of him.

Still worried but wanting to push through with Cathy’s adoption, Guido goes to the municipal office to get his marriage certificate but learns that he is not the man listed as Stella’s husband.

In school, PJ and Arlene get the part of Florante and Laura respectively for the school play. But a schoolmate tells Arlene that she’s still an illegitimate child. Arlene is hurt and turns on Annaliza in anger when the latter tries to comfort her.

Amparo, for her part, fears that she will be left alone again if Laz brings his family abroad. Amparo blames Annaliza and Isabel for this.

Meanwhile, Laz tells Isabel that Makoy has escaped. Both he and Isabel fear for their family’s safety. Annaliza also approaches Laz and explains to him why she went to Guido’s place. She also assures Laz of her love.

Arlene hears them talking and is disheartened from telling Laz about her achievement in school. She tells Amparo about it and Amparo is more than ever determined to get rid of Annaliza and Isabel. What is Amparo planning?

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