Guido declares his feelings for Gigi in style

Amparo is humiliated as a police officer questions her about the death of Ira. Nevertheless, she misses Annaliza and she talks to her over the phone, asking her to come back.

Annaliza also misses her family and prays for things to get back to normal again.

Stella uses this opportunity to insinuate to Laz that Bel and Guido could be having an affair. She also tells Arlene that Annaliza will turn Laz and Amparo away from her.

As Gigi is leaving, Guido arrives singing, sitting in front of a jeepney. He gives her flowers and tells her his true feelings for her. The two promise each other they’ll wait until they can give themselves a hundred percent to each other.

Will Gigi be Annaliza’s next stepmom? Will Laz believe Stella’s insinuations? Keep watching Annaliza at 5:50PM on ABS-CBN.

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