Guido comes home on ‘Annaliza’

Isabel and Lazaro bring Guido to Annaliza’s school just in time for Guido to join Annaliza for her school’s Family Day celebration. They notice that Annaliza has no family with her.

Meanwhile, Stella’s plan is foiled when a policeman questions her identity. Stella manages to get away with some quick thinking. As a backup plan, she is already thinking of ways to run away with her children while Makoy is in coma. However, she just can’t take Annaliza away because a lot of people will miss her.

Lui is late coming to Annaliza’s school because of a vehicle mishap. Jeric calls her and assures her of his love.

Lui sees Guido and gives him a warm welcome. She brings him home and Guido almost sees Stella unleash her anger on Annaliza. But Stella sees him and makes excuses for not being able to attend Annaliza’s family event in school. 

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