Guido comes face to face with Makoy on ‘Annaliza’

On “Annaliza,” Arlene asks Annaliza to cook banana fritters for them. PJ and the boys do not like Arlene bossing Annaliza over and so they decide to pull a prank on Arlene. Arlene cries and Annaliza pacifies her. She also makes the boys realize what they did was wrong and makes them apologize to Arlene. 

Also, Arlene accidentally shatters her Mamita’s favorite vase. Amparo comes in furious and Arlene pins the blame on Annaliza’s friend. 

Meanwhile, Laz and Isabel are mad upon learning that Makoy/Boy is also the one who kidnapped their baby. 

At Guido’s house, Guido leaves and Stella is left alone in the house. Makoy comes in and holds Stella at gunpoint, scaring her. However, Guido returns early and comes face to face with Makoy. Guido is confused and asks Makoy several questions. Makoy then tells Guido that Annaliza is not his child to begin with. How will Guido react to Makoy’s revelation? Keep watching Annaliza at 5:50PM on ABS CBN.