Got To Believe’s “Best Ending Ever” results to “Best Proposal Ever”

On Got To Belive in Magics finale episode, Juliana confesses to Joaquin and Jaime that the bullet came from her gun. She also apologizes to Chichay. Joaquin and Jaime forgive her with Joaquin saying to Juliana, “kung si Mang Chito nga napatawad ko, ikaw pa mama. Ikaw ang may pinakamalaking sinakripisyo para mabuhay lang ako.” Juliana cries and finally surrenders her gun to Joaquin.

After spending time in prison, Jaime and Juliana remarry. In his wedding vow, Jaime apologizes to Juliana and proclaims his love for her, telling her that his love for her is the greatest love he’s ever felt for anyone.

Also, Joaquin prepares his “best magic ever” for Chichay, which turns out to be the “best proposal ever.” In a feat worthy of Houdini and Spider-Man, Joaquin disappears and appears hanging upside down, with a ring held between his teeth. After getting over her fright, Chichay says yes, especially after she sees that Joaquin’s proposal had Chito’s blessing.

Fandom expressed satisfaction with the show's ending. Twitter user @Chichay proclaimed, “Indeed it was the best ending ever! Thank you for the magical experience!”

Most netizens, like @SmirkforDaniel dubbed Joaquin’s proposal to Chichay as “the best proposal ever.”

Some also commented on ABS-CBN’s  official Facebook account ABSCBNNetwork how they were bitin with Kathniel’s ‘almost kiss.’

“Di pa kasi tinuloy Best Kiss Ever na sana,” said FB follower Aileen.

“Bitin talaga kailangan may part 2 ang G2B,” added FB follower Dysan.

While most were happy with the ending, a lot also expressed sadness because they thought the series ended too soon.

“Nakakainis naman e. Bakit kailangan matapos agad” Elle, another FB subscriber, said.