Gigi reveals her feelings for Guido

Bel cannot believe Laz slapped her. Laz says sorry, but she Bel walks away, she calls her lawyer and tells him to get a sworn statement from Ira.

Gigi tells Guido that she likes him to his surprise. Later at home, Guido is having a hard time telling Gigi something. Gigi lets him off easy and tells him she know what he is trying to say. She agrees that they are better off friends. Gigi tells him that she will go back to Macau soon and Guido is sad upon hearing this news.

Annaliza passes her crown to Angel as Little Miss Palengke. Angel thanks Annaliza in front of everyone.

In the meantime, Makoy orders his right hand man to take care of Ira before he can give a statement.

That night, Laz finds out from Mona that Bel and Annaliza are gone. He calls them and Bel tells him that they will not come back until he is ready to open up his mind to some things. Will Bel and Annaliza’s absence have a positive effect on Laz?

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