Galema is accused of placing snakes in Mindys car

No matter how much Galema tries to deny it, she is jealous that Gina kissed Morgan as part of the latter’s initiation rites to enter the sorority. Gina’s new sorority sisters urge her to kiss Morgan a second time and later, she reveals to them that she likes him.

Meanwhile, Galela likes to see the body of Zuma’s child. Though Philip wants to tell her the truth, he cannot as Isabel is scared that it might drive her sister crazy. Thus, when Philip calls the General to make plans on how they can keep the truth from Galela, a hurt Galema overhears him. 

The next day in school, Galema talks to Teacher Carlo and expresses what she thinks of Gina’s new sorority friend, Mindy. During their conversation about Mindy’s bullying, Galema’s snakes react, saying that Gina is in danger. True enough, they find a hysterical Gina and Mindy at the parking lot, with the trunk of Mindy’s car filled with snakes. However, after Galema helps them remove all the snakes, Mindy accuses her to have placed them in the trunk of her car. 

The following day, Gina gets caught in between her sister and her new sorority friend as their parents, Philip and Isabel are called to the school because Mindy and her mother complained about the incident. 

Who will Gina side with? Stay tuned to “Galema: Anak ni Zuma,” weekdays after “Kapamilya Blockbusters” on Kapamilya Gold.

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