Galema, a weapon against Zuma?

Galema told her father that she was only looking for Gina the night she took Morgan to the hospital. Gina got reprimanded because it could have cost her sister’s life. However, Gina protests that she’s always stuck with Galema and wants freedom from looking out for her sister. 

Meanwhile, Richard had blood tests on Galela to identify Zuma’s venom so she can get the necessary care. Morgan, who knows that Zuma is alive, wonders if Galema will visit him in the hospital. 

The military, on the other hand, is still searching for the weapon that will kill Zuma. It believes that Galema could be a solution to that problem which has Philip and Isabel scared for their daughter. 

Galela, on the other hand, freaked out when she woke up and saw Zuma in her hospital room.

What will Zuma do to Galela? Keep on watching, “Galema: Anak ni Zuma,” weekdays after “Kapamilya Blockbusters” on Kapamilya Gold.