Francis appears to suffer an attack

Francis tells his family that he and Sarah ran away because of the constant bickering between their families. To solve the problem, the families agree that each family should each have a month with Francis. They agree that in that month the other family should not visit Francis, but allow him to spend it with the family he’s with at that time. 

It hurts Sarah that the families are fighting over Francis, while Marietta is just fine with Sarah living with Carissa. Leonel, for his part, harbors a growing anger for Francis because of the attention he is getting from Marietta and for keeping Sarah away from him.

Meanwhile, Carissa and her family miss Francis a lot but they decide to be positive about the situation and focus on Sarah instead. They are preparing to formally introduce Sarah as a Beltran by hosting a party. Sarah requests for her family to be invited.

On the night of the party, when everyone is set to go, Francis clutches his chest in pain.

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