Fina is pregnant with Diego’s child

Having found the cave filled with gold and money, Hugo cons people into leaving Sitio Katapatan so they could get their hands on it. Diego objects to it, but his father Hugo won’t listen.

This angers Felipe and he reiterates to his daughter Fina how he wants her to stay away from Diego. This pains Fina because she’s in love with Diego.

Before Diego, Hugo, and Cleto leave the Sitio, Diego promises Fina that he will return. Back in their town, Hugo tells Lena about the treasure he discovered. Lena and Hugo make grandiose plans, both excited to leave their past as street children behind.

Felipe soon finds out that Fina is pregnant with Diego’s child.

Meanwhile, Cleto’s estranged wife Lourdes goes to him and asks to give her money back because their child is always sick.

Cleto and Hugo pick someone’s pocket and Lourdes’s father Lemuel, who is also the Barangay Captain, gets enough evidence on them to have them locked up. Lena goes to Lourdes so Lourdes can talk to her father into freeing Cleto and Hugo, but Lourdes refuses. Lemuel suddenly comes rushing out carrying Lourdes’s child who is sick. Will Lourdes’s child survive?

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