"Failon Ngayon" probes P10-B Pork Barrel Scam

Broadcast journalist Ted Failon looks into the controversial P10 billion pork barrel scam allegedly perpetrated by businesswoman Janet Lim Napoles and involving some lawmakers this Saturday (August 31) in “Failon Ngayon.”

Ted will also be revisiting other anomalies involving the misappropriation of pork barrel funds that until now remain unresolved, including the P321 million Jose Pidal account scandal, the General Garcia and Ligot scam, the P728 million fertilizer fund scam, the NBN-ZTE scandal, and the P111 billion bridges to nowhere scam.

Because of these numerous scandals, many people doubt that the probe into the P10 billion pork barrel scam will ever progress.

Ted will also examine Aquino administration’s plan to cut down the P6 billion MRT (Metro Rail Transit) and LRT (Light Rail Transit) subsidy. President Aquino explained that it should be allocated for other projects.

However, the proposal has elicited criticisms because it will automatically result in fare hikes. Some also claim that fare hikes would be unfair to commuters since the government spends so much on officials' travel expenses, which amounted to P8.7 billion in 2012.

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