"Eseng Ng Tondo" opens ABS-CBN’S FPJ movie block this Sunday

Catch the enduring stories of heroism and courage of the late Fernando Poe Jr. as ABS-CBN launches this Sunday (Sept 8), 10 AM its movie timeblock “FPJ, Da King on ABS-CBN” featuring the King of Philippine Cinema’s unforgettable films.

Watch the movie block’s first offering, “Eseng ng Tondo,” the story of a workaholic policeman who is so dedicated to his job that it creates conflict between him and his jealous wife Digna (Jenny Syquia). It also stars Ina Raymundo as Elvie, a street-smart informer who falls in love with him. 
On September 15, follow Sgt. Gani Guerrero in “Kapag Puno na ang Salop” in his mission of tracking and catching the mastermind of several deaths in their town, the wealthy and influential Judge Ricardo Valderama (Eddie Garcia).

FPJ portrays an honest and simple taxi driver in “May Isang Tsuper ng Taxi,” to be aired on September 22. In it Nanding (FPJ) helps out in his friend and fellow cab driver Teban’s (Dencio Padilla) acquittal by pinning a notorious crime syndicate. 

On September 29, watch “Batas ng .45,” the story of Capt. Magsalin, an honest policeman dishonorably removed from service and is out to prove his innocence by taking the law in his own hand. 
Catch “FPJ, Da King on ABS-CBN” every Sunday, 10AM on ABS-CBN.