Eros finds out who tried to kill Anessa

Anessa and Alexis have the same goal and that is to get their own sons back.

Alejo puts his job in jeopardy because he is helping Anessa, while Iris finally learns the truth about her family and confides in Leandros.

Alexis agrees to Anessa’s terms to meet in a public place and exchange Emman for Peter. Anessa runs off with Emman with Eros and Alexis on her trail. They end up at the basement, with Emman running off to Eros. Anessa easily wrestles the gun from Alexis, telling her and Eros that it was Romulus who tried to kill her before. Anessa points the gun at Eros telling him he can’t ever hurt her again.

Meanwhile, all Demetria and Helena can do is pray for their families. Keep watching Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala at 9:00PM on ABS-CBN.