Dominic asks Joaquin if he is courting Chichay

Juliana, having been hurt by what she heard by what Jaime said to Betchay, is silent on their way back to Manila.  At home, she stops Betchay from going home and makes her cook, despite Jaime’s objections

What more, in the office, Ronaldo comes to see Juliana and berates her for the companies’ low returns. Juliana in turn takes her bad mood out on her employees.

Betchay, in turn, is bothered by the turn of events regarding Jaime and she does her best to avoid him. She comes home and is happy again upon seeing Chito and Chichay. She tells them the progress in Tabunok and Nanay Rona’s life. Chito somehow feels insecure because he cannot give Betchay the life she deserves. 

In the morning, he applies for yet another job.

In school, Joaquin is an instant hero and his classmates cheer for him and carry him. He falls and he fears that it could have been bad for his head. When he gets back home, he casts magic dust in the air and wishes that he’s finally well.

Meanwhile, Joaquin also tells Dominic and Kit that he will not be joining the fraternity. Joaquin and Chichay also become closer friends while Dominic looks on.

Dominic approaches Joaquin and asks if he is courting Chichay. Joaquin says no and that he and Chichay are merely friends. Why is Dominic asking Joaquin this question?

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