Divine Diva ZsaZsa Padilla with boyfriend Architect Conrad Onglao on Metro Society's June issue

June will be chockfull of all your favorite sections, with a strong focus on the intricate lines and creative aesthetics that go into filling a living space. We are happy to present our annual Home and Design issue.

Our issue opens with the very talented architect Conrad Onglao. His portfolio definitely speaks for itself, having such a solid career and steady group of clientele. His aesthetic combines the clean lines of modern architecture with one’s history and culture. We shoot Conrad alongside his new muse, none other than the captivating Miss Zsa Zsa Padilla. Many were shocked to hear of this pairing earlier in the year, but theirs is truly a love story made for the silver screen, similar to the romantic films she used to star in. Seeing them together is like watching 2 teenagers infatuated with each other. Both nearly empty-nesters, the two express how nice it is to have someone to come home to, to simply be with.. Both are so successful in their chosen fields and are passionate about the same things: career and family, which only makes their pairing even more perfect!

Our Home and Design issue would not be complete without the creative minds behind the most beautiful homes and buildings, here and abroad. This year is all about celebrating nationally acclaimed talent. We begin with Jaya Ibrahim who is said to be one of the strongest forces behind Asian architecture, pushing our serene aesthetic in his hotel projects around the world, holding offices in Shanghai, Singapore, Jakarta and New York. He, together with our next architect, Chris Noto, have both been featured in Architectural Digest. Noto, too has been making waves in the industry because his aesthetic is wise beyond his years. Fellow Filipino Lyndon Neri is doing well in both China and London, 2 very difficult markets to capture.  Lastly, Jonathan Matti was featured in the premiere issue of Metro Society 11 years ago. His aesthetic is a very understated elegance that never screams of obnoxious wealth. He has done many homes of society’s most favored hostesses. All these individuals deserve recognition in their field of design.

We cannot forget that the month of June also celebrates fathers! With father’s day just around the corner, we gather in the Felipe and Son’s Haberdashery for an afternoon of fun with grandfathers, fathers and sons to discuss the importance of a good clean shave and a perfectly fitted suit. Speaking of ‘perfectly fitted,’ be sure to go through our fashion editorial where we have Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection for men and Marc Jacob’s final women’s wear collection for the label. And from high end to high quality affordable, meet the CEO’s behind the latest U.S. import, colossal brand Old Navy has finally opened its doors in Manila.
Please enjoy this handbook on design, Metro Society’s June release!