Diego remembers someone from his past

Honesto is sad because his lolo is in jail and so he frees the ducks, thinking that they'd also like to be free just like his lolo. Diego, Leah, and Abby come just in time to help Elai get the ducks back into their cages.

Diego promises Honesto that he will help Lemuel get out of jail. Honesto also mentions a saying "kapag tapat ka, malaya ka" that triggers his recall of a woman named Fina. Diego asks Lourdes if she knows a woman named Fina, but she says no. She also asks Diego to stay away from Honesto.

Meanwhile, Hugo is mad because Diego continues to doubt him and he tells Cleto that he doesn’t understand what he feels because he is not a father. Cleto remembers his daughter and he goes to the cemetery to talk to Mimi. He tells his daughter that if he had been lucky earlier, then she would have been alive and his life would have meaning because he has someone to give his riches to.

Hugo learns what Diego promised Honesto from Abby. He confronts Diego about it and Diego accuses Hugo of being a thief. Hugo punches Diego and this triggers another memory of Hugo doing the exact same thing. Will Diego now remember everything Hugo did?

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