Diego has a hunch where the gold is

Cleto gives Lourdes flowers and her suspicions grow that Cleto is out to get the land because it has some hidden treasure. But she shakes off her suspicions, dismissing them as silly.

At the Galang mansion, Diego questions why Marie had to come back and work for them. Marie tells him that she wants to help him find Fina and the gold. She also tells him that she said yes to Hugo’s request that she make Diego fall in love with her. Lena almost sees them talking in hushed tones and Diego kisses Marie to escape Lena’s suspicion. Lena and Hugo are very happy to see Diego seemingly in love with Marie.

Next day, Diego and Marie overhear Hugo and Lena talking about giving Lourdes money so that they’d get to the gold. Diego thinks that the gold is on Lourdes’s land and that Honesto probably knows about it. Is Diego right about this hunch?

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