Contenders wow on the first night of the Live Shows on The Voice of the Philippines

On the first night of the Live Shows on the "The Voice of the Philippines," three singers per team were pitted against each other. Of the three, only two got to continue in the competition. One of them was voted in by the people, while the other was saved by his/her respective coach. 

For Team Lea, Darryl Shy gave a rousing performance with "Danny's Song," Radha sang "River Deep, Mountain High" like the pro that she is, and RJ Dela Fuente sang "I'll Stand By You" beautifully. In the end it, was Darryl who got the public's vote, while Coach Lea chose Radha to continue in the competition.

For Team Apl, Cora Dela Cruz performed a unique rendition of "Nosi Balasi," Thor "brought the thunder" when he sang "Narito," while Jessica poured emotion like no other to the song "I Believe." In the end the public saved Thor while Coach Apl saved Jessica.

On Team Bamboo, Talia owned the song "You Oughta Know," Myk Perez had everyone grooving to his mashup of "California Girls" and "Isn't She Lovely," and Lee Grane proved she deserved the spot Coach Bamboo gave her with "Make You Feel My Love." In the end, the voters picked Myk Perez and Bamboo again, stood by Lee.

On Team Sarah, Eva Delos Santos sang so "So Far Away" with piano accompaniment. While Coach Sarah said "naramdaman (niya ang performance)", Coach Lea on the other hand felt Mommy Eva sang more than the arrangement called for. Junji Arias gave a father's heartfelt performance with "I Don't Want a Miss a Thing," which Coach Bamboo said began a bit pitchy but was "very cool" all in all. Meanwhile, Morissette Amon sang "Jar of Hearts." She was profusely praised by Coach Apl and Coach Sarah said that Morissette is "a much better version" of her. In the end the pueople saved Morissette, while Coach Sarah picked Mommy Eva over Junji.