Coaches Lea, Bamboo and Sarah each add two members to their teams

On The Voice Kids Philippines, Coaches Bamboo, Lea and Sarah each got two additions to their teams.

Camp Kawayan’s new members are Arianna Ocampo and Rommel Bautista Jr. Arianna is 13 years old and a three-chair turner from Paranaque. Arianna obviously wowed the judges when they unanimously clapped and cheered for Arianna. Coach Lea said, “There’s so much soul coming out of you.” Rommel is also 13 years old and is the son of a tricycle driver. He sang “Ako’y Sayo at Ika’y Akin Lamang” and Coach Bamboo said of his voice, “parang honey ang boses.”

Karla Angeline Cruz and GenMarie Guiao joined Team Lea. Karla is 8 years old, loves books and is an honor student. She sang “Titanium” and captured Coach Lea’s heart because of the, “sweetness of her voice.” Genmarie, 9, got Coaches Sarah and Lea to turn. She sang “The Greatest Love of All” and Coach Lea said GenMarie is smart in her song choice and the way she sang it. In the end, GenMarie went with “Misis Lea.”

Coach Sarah brought to her team Twittle Dizon, 14 and Darren Espanto, 12. Twittle is from Koronadal and she sang one of Lolita Carbon’s song because Lolita is her idol. Although she had some mistakes when she sang the song, the coaches praised Twittle for the quality of her voice and Coach Sarah said she’s prepared to work with Twittle to make her singing as seamless as possible. Darren is a Pinoy living in Canada. He traveled with his Dad to the Philippines just so he could audition for The Voice Kids. Darren is a total performer and got Coaches Bamboo and Sarah to turn their chairs. Sarah said “lumalabas lang ang boses niya, parang tumatapon.”