Chito’s secret is out

Juliana and Ronaldo make sure that the lawyer handling Joaquin’s case will guarantee that Chito lands and stays in jail.

In the morning, Chito is arrested and he admits to firing a gun that night. Everyone is shocked. Joaquin, meanwhile, is not speaking and Chichay thinks he is mad. As it turns out, Joaquin goes to Juliana and begs her to withdraw the case against Chito because it will hurt him. But Juliana doesn’t grant him his wish.

Betchay and Chichay are hurting for Chito but they are determined to remain strong as a family.

Also, Jaime cannot believe what he heard from Poro. He wants to know if it’s one of Juliana’s ploys or if it is actually the truth. He calls Juliana, but Juliana won’t take his calls.

In the meantime, Joaquin is devastated because once again he feels he is bringing pain to Chichay’s family and he is willing to do everything to ease their pain. What will Joaquin do to help Chichay and her family?

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