Chito's decision breaks Chichay's heart

Chito tells Chichay that they are moving to the province. Chichay is shocked, but accepts it. However, she asks Chito for a day to leave Malaya University formally and to say goodbye to Joaquin. But Chito tells her that she cannot tell Joaquin where they are going because as long as they are together, the San Juans will never allow them to lead a peaceful existence.

Meanwhile, news of Uytengsu's ghost projects breaks out and Juliana asks Ronaldo if he knows anything about this. Ronaldo says he did and he deliberately kept it from Jaime. Juliana tells him Jaime could lose everything because of this. Ronaldo says he did it to get back at Jaime for leaving Juliana.

Jaime, for his part, is shocked when he learned about Uytengsu’s arrest.

Chichay cries to Mama Bear, saying that obeying Chito means breaking the heart of the person who fought for her and Joaquin may never forgive her. She questions why the Universe is doing this to them again. Betchay tells her that there is a reason why this is happening to them. Other than that, she can do nothing more but hug Chichay. Is this the right decision for the Tampipis?

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