Chito is on the brink of a serious decision

Chito learns that Chichay has been hurt. Betchay also tries to resign as cook at Casablanca, but the manager dissuades her from leaving, saying she was employed on her own merit and not because Jaime recommended her.

In school, the parents also confront the new Dean and as a result Chupungko is reinstated as Dean. The maintaining grade of scholars also remains unchanged.

With all of them reeling from Juliana’s actions, Chito feels scared for his family and he shows his annoyance to Joaquin.

Joaquin feels guilty because all these would not have happened if it weren’t for him and he tells Mang Poro that everything will stop if he goes back to Juliana and leave Chichay. Mang Poro advises him to savor the present moments he has with Chichay and not to worry about the future.

For the meantime, Jaime goes to Juliana and tells her how disgusted he is with her for what she’s done to Betchay.

Chito, because of his fear, tells Betchay that the San Juans will not stop ruining their lives until they get what they want. What will Chito do?

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