Chito confirms Joaquin has a bullet in his head

Dominic tells Chichay she’ll be better off with him because she will have no problems with his family, but that he’ll be be happy with whoever she chooses.

Juliana calls Chichay again, more insistent that she tells her who Joaquin is courting. Chichay goes to Lolo Isko and tells him her dilemma. In one of his lucid moments, he tells her to open her heart to love.

Meanwhile, Chito puts Joaquin in the hot seat but gets his suspicions confirmed when Joaquin tells him about the bullet in his head. Chito, more guilty than ever, surprises everyone in his family when he says Joaquin, if he can wait for Chichay, may now court Chichay.

Juliana, frustrated because she can get nothing from Chichay, invites Kit and Martin to dinner. She asks Kit who Joaquin is courting and Joaquin intercepts Kit’s response by saying that the girl’s name is Amanda.

Kit asks Joaquin why he lied, but he eventually agrees not to say anything to Juliana. Jaime hears them talking and advises Joaquin to tell Juliana.

In school, Amanda approaches Joaquin to tell him that they received a dinner invitation from his mother. Joaquin comes clean with Chichay and tells her about blurting out Amanda’s name. Chichay opens up to Joaquin how difficult it is for her lying to Juliana and that she’s thinking of telling Juliana everything. Will Chichay really put her scholarship on the line?

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