Chichay suspects Joaquin is gay on ‘Got To Believe’

On “Got To Believe,” Chichay falls victim to another one of Joaquin’s pranks, this time slipping on a floor thick with baby powder.  

Chichay hints at what happened by telling Juliana that Joaquin might need a new baby powder. Because of this, Tarantina gives Chichay a telling off.

At the carnival, Betchay finds out from Whitey and Nanoy that it was Chichay who gave bail money for Chito. Betchay goes to Chito to tell him but decided not to at the last moment. 

Meanwhile, Jaime is surprised because Ronaldo asks Juliana to give a hand in the company’s latest project. At the presentation, the client seems quite disappointed with Jaime’s proposal and challenges Jaime to prove himself.

On the other hand, Chichay wonders why a certain Dwight came to help Joaquin play kinect basketball. She also wonders why they were not playing basketball outdoors.  

While Joaquin is busy, Chichay takes this opportunity to clean Joaquin’s room. She notices how organized he is for a man; too organized that she thinks he could be gay. 

She also sees a box underneath his bed where he keeps special stuff like a card from Mang Poro and Yaya Puring and a bottle of stardust. 

Joaquin finishes his therapy and is about to walk in on a nosy Chichay. Will he catch her going through his stuff? Keep watching “Got To Believe” weeknights at 8:15PM on ABS CBN.