Chichay: ‘Hindi na kita mahal, Joaquin’

In this Twitter-trending episode of “Got To Believe,” Chichay cries as Joaquin dances with her while singing, “Kasama Kang Tumanda.” Joaquin tells Chichay that whatever happens, he will never forget her. Unfortunately, the romantic moment was cut short as he falls to the ground and experiences seizures.

Chichay takes Joaquin to the hospital where she prays that she will do everything just for him to be saved. Juliana then comes to Chichay, slaps her and orders her to cut any connection she has with Joaquin.

The next day, Joaquin wakes up in another hospital and looks for Chichay. Juliana tells him to forget about her and lies that Chichay is only after his money. Jaime tells him that they will bring him to the States but Joaquin refuses to go. Later, the nurses learn that Joaquin has run off. Because of this, a furious Juliana calls Chichay and warns her of what she should do when Joaquin comes to her.

True enough, a happy Joaquin comes to see Chichay. However, Chichay, following the orders of Juliana, rejects him and says that their ‘best date ever’ was just his hallucination. Joaquin tells her that he can still remember everything and that she’s only following his orders. Chichay convinces him that everything was just his illusion. Still not believing, Joaquin tells her that he loves her and he knows that she loves him too. But then, Chichay tells him firmly that she does not love him anymore. A devastated Joaquin runs off while a heartbroken Chichay calls Juliana.

Rain starts to pour and Joaquin sulks in it. His parents find him and they hug altogether. However, Joaquin realizes what’s happening and runs away from them, causing him to get hit by a car. The great impact makes Joaquin fall unconscious.

What will now happen to Joaquin and Chichay? A new chapter is about to begin so don’t forget to catch “Got To Believe,” weeknights after “Honesto” on ABS-CBN.

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