Chichay goes all out to help Joaquin recover his memories

In her last bid to make Ryan recover his memories as Joaquin, Chichay takes him on a trip down memory lane. They go to Malaya University where they were classmates and where they became friends. They go back to the mansion, where they officially met and where they were enemies.

Because she now has the blessing of Betchay to fight for Joaquin, Chichay goes all out. She is game for anything, even allowing Joaquin to hang her upside down yet again! She reverts to the energetic and cheerful Chichay, dances, hugs Ryan, and lets him see her excitement at what they are doing. As a result, Joaquin is captivated yet again by this “new” side of Chichay. Will Chichay succeed in her efforts to make Joaquin remember?

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