Chichay gives up her scholarship

Chichay continues to be sad about what happened between her and Joaquin. Her parents, no matter how much they want to offer her advice, give her some space for the time being. In the meantime, Chito, Nanoy, and Whitey ask for advance on their pay from their work so they could pitch in and help Chichay continue her education in Malaya University. Chichay is touched by the gesture.

Meanwhile, Joaquin gets ready for school but Juliana brings him to a doctor instead. Joaquin tells the doctor that he wants to have the bullet taken out of his head, but the doctor advises against it, saying that he could die if he does that. Joaquin also pours his heart out to Juliana, saying that he’d rather die than live like he’s not living at all, like he used to live.

At the culinary school, Betchay enjoys herself with her classmates, when suddenly Chef Jayps slips up and lets out Jaime’s name.

Jaime also talks to Juliana, telling her that they have to talk for Joaquin’s sake. Juliana once again tells him that she’s just doing what she thinks is good for Joaquin.

Chichay goes to the Manansala mansion. Juliana berates her for not telling her that Joaquin knew all along that Chichay was her spy in school. Chichay tries to explain her side and tells Juliana of her decision to give up her scholarship with her foundation. What will Joaquin think of Chichay’s decision?

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