Chichay cannot believe who her new boss is

Chichay gets more money-earning opportunities as word spreads about her success as an artist. AG, her art mentor, also asks her to accept a project whose owner specifically asks for Chichay to be its artist. Chichay says yes and signs the contract.

Meanwhile, Chito and Betchay go to Manila to talk to Juliana and Jaime regarding the case. The Manansalas have not been attending court hearings and according to their lawyer, it could be a sign that they are no longer interested in pursuing the case. Chito also wants to take this chance to apologize to Jaime and Juliana for what he inadvertently did to Joaquin.

Chichay and AG meet the owner of the project and Chichay is astounded to see it’s Joaquin/Ryan. What will Chichay do to back out of the project? Can she still do that?

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