Chichay avoids Joaquin

Chichay tries to avoid Joaquin several times in school and Joaquin wonders why. Patricia asks for Chichay’s help to get Didith to endorse the scholar’s guild.

Chito still struggles with his guilt and other worries. He comes across Madame Fifi who tells him that everything will be all right in the end. She also tells him to take care of Betchay and Chichay as he might lose them.

At home, Betchay asks Chito’s permission to go to Tabunok with Jaime. He says no out of jealousy but, out of guilt for being selfish, says yes eventually.

That night, Chichay calls Joaquin and asks him to go to the party with her. Joaquin still feels bad about Chichay’s avoiding him, but Chichay eventually gets him to say yes.

Juliana, for her part, is having a hard time at work. She asks Martin’s help to convince Jaime to come back to work. Aside from this, she is pressured by the presence of Betchay in the house and her growing jealousy of Betchay.

Tarantina, also notices Betchay’s overfamiliarity with Jaime. Before going to Tabunok with Betchay and Jaime, Juliana reminds Betchay to still call Jaime “Sir.” How long can Juliana keep her patience?

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