Bunny Bear and Teddy Bear meet again

Just as Joaquin works up enough courage to help Chichay, another guy comes along and saves Chichay from the bullies.

At dinner, Jaime and Juliana share a light moment as Jaime appreciates Juliana’s cooking. He wants to meet the cook who helped Juliana, but she has already gone home. Joaquin comes in and he reports good things about school.

Chichay’s family teases her about having a crush in school. Betchay also mentions her first crush Bunny Bear. Later, Chichay meets a fellow Malayan scholar named Patricia in the computer shop where she went to study.

Joaquin feels guilty because he wasn’t able to help Chichay. Jaime gives him advice, telling him maybe there is another way of helping that person he’s talking about without endangering his health.

Juliana calls Chichay and they talk about Joaquin’s improvement in school. Chichay, without meaning to, blurts out that Joaquin is cute.

Chichay’s video of helping a student in the campus goes viral. She becomes popular in school and is asked to run as freshman representative in school.

Later in class, Chichay and Joaquin debate over the subject of carbon emission. Dominic also joins in. Joaquin also gets invited to run as freshman representative in school. 

Meanwhile, Ethel shows Betchay the house including the swimming pool. Betchay falls into the pool and Jaime rushes out, dives in and saves Betchay. Betchay gasps for breath as they recognize each other as Teddy Bear and Bunny Bear. Will Betchay and Jaime rekindle their love for each other?

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