Board members get sick from eating Love Bites

Mercedes is absent from work because she is taking care of Guillermo in the hospital. She learns that Santiago paid for the hospital bills and won’t accept payment from her.

Misty connives with Edna, an unhappy employee working for ChoxO. When Mercedes comes back to work, she whips up a batch of Love Bites for Malvina’s special event, and Edna puts something in the chocolate sauce.

Love Bites is a success with the board and Malvina gets everyone’s approval. But her success is cut short when the board members are rushed to the hospital. Malvina is furious and she calls Luis and tells him that Love Bites is contaminated.

In the meantime, Mercedes confronts Santiago because he is once again waiting for her. She turns away from him but Santiago’s knee suddenly hurts and he tells her he is sick with Lupus.

Guillermo gets out of the hospital and will be transferred back to prison. Mercedes promises Guillermo that the next time he gets out of prison he is coming home. Is there a chance Mercedes gets to keep her promise?

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