Betchay unleashes her anger on Juliana

Joaquin barges into the court just as the judge is about to give his verdict on Chito. Joaquin says he now remembers everything including his stay with the Tampipis and Chichay. He also says that Chito is innocent because he heard the man who tested the bulled say that it didn’t match Chito’s gun. The judge gets mad at this new development to the case and postpones his decision.

While Juliana is still reeling from Joaquin’s outburst, Betchay climbs over the court bench and goes to Juliana. She yanks Juliana’s hair and begins to vent her anger on Juliana. Whitey, Tiniong, and Nanoy also form a human barricade blocking Juliana from leaving the court. They eventually allow her to pass, but Betchay once more runs after Juliana and tackles her to the ground. An emotional Betchay also tells Joaquin that he should stand by the truth because he should know by now that the Tampipis are good people. Will Joaquin do what Betchay said? Will he willfully go against his own mother?

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