Betchay finds out Jaime got Juliana pregnant on "Got To Believe"

On “Got To Believe,” Betchay wants to surprise Jaime and goes out of her way to get his favorite cager, Robert Jaworski’s signature on a basketball. She goes to Manila to give it to him but gets the surprise of her life when she learns that Jaime has impregnated his boss, Juliana.

Jaime goes to the province and apologizes to Betchay, but Betchay is set on going away. She tells Jaime that he should do what’s right by Juliana and his baby. Jaime, although still pining for Betchay, marries Juliana. Later, Juliana bears Jaime a son. 

Meanwhile, Betchay finds herself in a carnival and is saved atop a ferris wheel by Chito. She finds herself a new family in the carnival people.  Chito does his best to ease Betchay’s heartache for Jaime. Soon Chito and Betchay get married and six years later, Chichay, who likes to paint with her Lolo, is introduced as their daughter. 

Will Betchay and Jaime be happy in their respective lives? Will their paths ever cross again? Keep watching “Got To Believe” weekday nights, after “Juan Dela Cruz.