Bernardo Family reveals the real Kathryn as she turns 18!

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Now that Kathryn Bernardo has finally turned 18, the people closest to her describe her and share their birthday wishes for the debutante.

First off, Kathryn’s parents, Mommy Min and Daddy Teddy describe their daughter to be simple, kind and obedient.

Next, Kath’s sister and brother-in-law describe her as a very generous, industrious and hardworking sister who loves to study. They wish her good health and that her career will continue to flourish.

On the other hand, Kath’s brother, Kevin refers to his sister as someone who is kind, simple and giving as Kath pays for his school tuition. He also acknowledged the fact that Kathryn still manages to bond with them even though she is tired from work. Kath’s kuya Kevin wished her for more projects to come.

According to the birthday girl’s cousin, Ate Joan, Kath is sweet and obedient to her elders. She also says that they are happy that even though she has become a celebrity already, she still listens to her older sisters.

Meanwhile, Cousin Ryan shares that Kath has remained humble, sweet and obedient just like how she was as a kid.

Kathryn’s aunt, Tita Lyn, recalls the time when Kath was still starting in show business, that even as a child, she already likes to act. Her aunt also says that she is proud of Kathryn who deserves everything that she has accomplished now for she really worked hard to attain them.

Also, Kath’s uncle, Tito Cesar describes his niece as adaptable, someone who is able to adjust according to whom she is interacting with.

Kathryn’s personal assistant, Cathy refers to her alaga as “makulit,” “medyo malambing” and “mabait” who respects her while Kathryn’s yaya since she was 5 years old, Yaya Flora divulges that Kath’s favorite meals are Sopas, Champorado and Mami. Yaya Flora also wishes for her alaga to live a long life.