Bamboo chooses Talia on ‘The Voice of the Philippines’

Last Sunday, for Team Sarah, it was Maki Ricaforte vs Hans Dimayuga.  They sang “What about Love” by Lemar with Maki playing the piano and Hans on the guitars. Coach Lea and Bamboo were unanimous in choosing Maki. Coach Sarah, as the last say in this round, felt the originality and the heart from both singers. In the end though, she thought Maki should continue in the competition. 

For Team Apl, it was a tough call between two beautiful and talented singers: Jessica Reynoso went head to head with Emmanuelle Vera with the song “Just Give Me a Reason” by Pink. Coach Lea and Sarah said both were amazing but both went with Jessica. Coach Apl said Emman “showed the strength I’ve never seen even during the rehearsals” but that Jessica “just flew away” and “was soaring” and chose the latter.

For Team Bamboo, Talia Reyes and Denise Sagun did a rendition of “Under the Bridge” by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Both Coach Sarah and Apl said the two singers had the same sweetness of voice. Coach Bamboo said they “complemented each other.” The deciding factor for him was the melodies or “ang kwento ng sinabi niyo per line” and for him Talia sang her stories better. 

For Team Lea, both Guest Adviser Gerard and Coach Lea agreed “you cannot unwrap a piece of candy with a sledgehammer.” This criterion finally decided the triangle fight among RJ Dela Fuerte, Ranier Acosta and Juvie Pelos. They sang Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On.” According to Coach Lea “it should not be about me, but about the material, the song and the lyrics” and the one who “stayed true to the music” in that regard is none other than RJ. 

To date, Team Lea has Mitoy, Diday, Kimpoy, Darryl and RJ; Team Sarah has Morisette, Yuki, Junji, Mommy Eva and Maki; Team Apl has Tristan, Thor, Penelope, Janice and Jessica; and Team Bamboo has Lee, Angelique, Paolo, Isa and Talia. Keep watching “The Voice of the Philippines,” weekend nights at ABS CBN.