Bagito’s pilot episode trends on Twitter
The pilot episode of Bagito with the hashtag #bagito1stcrush trended on Twitter last November 17.

This coming of age story opens with the fourteenth birthday of Andrew played by Nash Aguas. Andrew is sweet to his mom and obedient to his disciplinarian stepdad. However, he belongs to a group of male friends who encourages him to try out more “manly” stuff.

Andrew also has a best friend named Camille played by Alexa Ilacad, whom he only sees every vacation because she lives in the States. Camille calls him prince, which embarrasses him no end because he feels he is too old for that pet name.

However, the highlight of Andrew’s teenage years is Vanessa, played by Ella Cruz, his crush since he was thirteen years old. Vanessa is already in College and she tutors Andrew in Algebra.

On the day of his birthday, Andrew and his friends are almost caught peeping on a female student in the girls’ shower room. Before they can actually see anything, she tries to snap a pic of the peeping toms. They all run but not before she captures an image of a scared Andrew on cam.

On the night of his birthday, his parents allow him to hang out with his friends but he doesn’t know that they are bringing him to a club. He sees Vanessa in the club. They are asked to leave the club because they are underage, but before they leave his friends ask Vanessa to kiss Andrew. Vanessa offers her cheek but inadvertently ends up bussing Andrew on the lips.

Andrew is over the moon with joy and forgets his curfew. In the morning, still hung over from Vanessa’s kiss, his mom catches him kissing the mirror passionately, which earned him a lecture from his mom and dad. Andrew laughs off his parents’ fears and promises them that he will focus on his studies before he thinks of girls. But will he?

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