Annaliza's family is on the verge of breaking up

Amparo explains to Arlene that she is still her “prinsesita.” However, Arlene is still determined to hate Annaliza.

Isabel runs away after seeing Stella and Laz kiss. Stella tries to keep Laz from running after Isabel but she fails.

Laz begs Isabel and Annaliza not to leave, but Isabel refuses. On their way back to the condo, Annaliza begs Isabel to tell her what is happening but Isabel just keeps on crying. In her frustration, Isabel gets out of the car and lets out a scream in the middle of the street.

Meanwhile, Makoy gets one step closer to Cathy by using his maid’s son to befriend Cathy and invite her to his home. Cathy feels more and more alone as she’s seldom given attention by Stella and Arlene.

Annaliza, who cannot understand it when Isabel tells her that she and Lmay probably not get back together again, locks herself inside her room and cries. Is there no hope for Annaliza’s family? What will she do?

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