Annaliza makes someone feel extra special on Christmas

Annaliza surprises Amparo with a collection of special pictures, then Laz and Isabel appear with flowers, and Arlene arrives unexpectedly. Everything is Annaliza’s idea. It makes Amparo feel special and her heart somewhat softens towards Annaliza. That Christmas Eve is the happiest in their family.

Meanwhile, Guido is sad because this is his first Christmas without Annaliza. He calls her, but she doesn’t pick up the phone. Stella is also sad because Arlene is with the Benedictos, but Lui and Cathy make her feel better by giving her gifts.

Makoy, in the meantime, promises that this will be his last Christmas alone and that he will destroy everyone else until only he is the one that has a complete family. What is Makoy planning this time?

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