Annaliza hugs Isabel and Laz for the first time as her parents

Annaliza now knows that Isabel and Laz are her parents. She is grateful because God has given her Guido plus her parents. They decide to come back home.

Stella is surprised to see Guido and Annaliza back. Guido tells her that Annaliza already knows about her real parents. Laz and Isabel arrive. Laz accosts Guido, but Guido apologizes and tells them that Annaliza already knows about them.

Meanwhile, Arlene finds out that Annaliza is Isabel and Laz’s missing daughter. Amparo assures her that she will remain her favorite. Later in school, Arlene talks to Annaliza and apologizes, telling her she’s happy they’re sisters.

Stella plans on making sure that Annaliza will not live with her parents.

Isabel and Laz go to Annaliza’s school. They hug for the first time as family.

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