Annaliza finds out Guido is in prison

Isabel and Laz find out that Makoy has gotten out of prison. Isabel also tells Laz that Makoy could be lying about Guido, but Laz says they still need to be careful.

Isabel goes to prison to know who helped Makoy get out from behind bars, but Amparo has covered her tracks well. She sees Stella there and she tells Stella that she knows about Stella’s connection to Makoy.

Arlene, for the meantime, envies Annaliza’s rising popularity in school. Also, Lui refuses to talk to Jeric because she needs to think for a while.

Meanwhile, Annaliza is worried for Guido because she senses that something is amiss and that her friends are hiding something from her. Sure enough, her friends eventually tell her that Guido is in prison. Annaliza weeps and begs Isabel to take her to Guido.

Laz objects to Isabel’s decision to take Annaliza to Guido but in the morning, Annaliza and Isabel still visit Guido. Guido and Annaliza are overwhelmed when they see each other and they hug each other tightly. Will they ever be together again?

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