Annaliza fights back against Arlene

Arlene slaps Annaliza and Annaliza defends herself. It erupts into a fight between the two. Isabel sees this and tries to stop the two from fighting. Stella comes in and attacks Isabel. But Arlene and Stella make it appear like Annaliza and Isabel were the ones who attacked them.

Stella even pretends to have been hurt by what happened and is rushed to the hospital. Guido then tells her that Annaliza is not capable of hurting anyone and she accuses Guido of siding with Annaliza.

Laz, meanwhile, confronts Isabel and Isabel denies hurting Arlene. Annaliza apologizes for causing the tiff between the two, explaining to Laz what really happened between her and Arlene. After Annaliza’s explanation, Laz apologizes to the two.

Isabel also points out to Laz that they should, for Annaliza’s sake, get along with Guido and Stella, even if they don’t want to.

Amparo comes to fetch Arlene from the hospital but Arlene says she will only go with Amparo if Stella lives with them in the mansion. Amparo promises Arlene that before the year ends Arlene will be living with her complete family.

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