Annaliza feels betrayed

Annaliza gets a second chance in her bid for class representative if she can remove all her posters by afternoon of the next day. But Annaliza’s heart is crushed when she learns it was PJ who was responsible for the posters. Guido sees Annaliza sad and gives her a fun lesson in fighting back.

Meanwhile, Stella catches Laz visiting Arlene in school. She lashes out on Arlene and Laz. At home, Lui also earns Stella’s wrath because she and Jeric are still a couple. Guido catches Stella in the middle of her rampage and talks to her. He also wonders if Stella had also been like this with the children.

Isabel still hopes for Makoy’s recovery even as she takes to heart the widening gap between her and Laz.

The neighborhood friends prepare a small going away feast for Bart. Here, Lui cries and thanks Bart for being a good friend. Also, Jeric gallantly stays with Bianca at the ball even if he misses Lui. A paparazzo captures Jeric and Bianca with their hands intertwined.