Annaliza cries at her party as she sees Guido

Guido gets out jail and he tells Gusting that he will abide by Laz’s conditions even if it means being no longer part of Annaliza’s life. Having said that, he is still determined to be present at Annaliza’s party.

At the party, Annaliza comes out as a beautiful princess and everybody cheers for her except Arlene and Amparo. Annaliza speaks and expresses her gratitude about being reunited with her parents. She also expresses gratitude to Guido.

Annaliza sings and before the song ends, she cries. She also sees Guido arriving at the party and she hugs him. Laz sees this and can’t help but feel jealous. Laz tells Isabel that tonight is for Annaliza, but that after this he will be Annaliza’s only father.

Jeric and Lui are also at the party, but Stella steers Lui away from Jeric. Meanwhile, Stella and Amparo talk of their plans now that Guido has gotten out of jail.

Arlene’s plan to foil Annaliza and her friends’ number fail. Also, Isabel tearfully looks on while Annaliza waltzes with Laz.

Later at the party, a masked man who looks like Makoy arrives at the party bearing an invitation. Why is he planning?

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