Annaliza and Isabel are on to Stella and Arlene's plans

Isabel is on to Stella's game, more so when she hears Stella talking of sharing more than Isabel’s home. Isabel plans on foiling Stella's evil intentions.

Lui gets a visit from Kels and he tells her that he likes her. Lui thanks him for making her happy when she was sad and tells him that she can only offer him friendship because she is still in love with Jeric. Kels accepts it and says goodbye.

Meanwhile, Annaliza reads a message on Arlene’s phone and she realizes that Arlene had a hand in why PJ is avoiding her. She confronts Arlene and Arlene doesn’t admit it. But Besty overhears Arlene and her friends talking and she records Arlene saying PJ and Annaliza are stupid for believing her and falling into her trap.

Makoy is also planning on making Laz, Guido, and Isabel's Christmas a lonely one.

Besty is mad and makes Annaliza listen to her recording. What will Annaliza do to Arlene?

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