Anessa doesn’t know whether to trust Eva

Anessa is grateful for Alejo’s help in winning Emman over. Alejo assures Anessa that he will always protect Anessa. Meanwhile, Athena approaches Romulus and tells him she will help him locate Anessa on the condition that he withdraws his case against Alejo.

Eros continues with his self-destructive behavior. He says it’s because he wants JR back, but Helena gets him to admit that it’s also because of his obsession with Anessa.

Helena assures Romulus that she will never leave him. In a flashback, Romulus is revealed to be gay whose father could not accept him. It’s only Helena who knows and loves him for who he is.

Eva’s hired hand, tasked to gather evidence on Romulus, gets caught and killed by Romulos after he reveals Eva’s name to be his boss. Romulus orders his men to spy on Eva and get all the evidences she is holding. 

Helena meets up with Iris and follows her back to Anessa’s lodge. Here, she reveals to Anessa her friendship with Maria Balaguer and she offers Anessa a new life if Anessa will disappear from their lives. Eva suddenly arrives and Anessa and Helena are both surprised and confused by Eva’s part in all this.